Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum

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The V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum is Dyson’s most powerful stick vacuum yet with a direct drive cleaner head that delivers 150% more brush bar power than the Dyson V6.  Its digital motor features Dyson’s patented cyclone technology for increased airflow and with whole machine HEPA filtration nothing escapes this vacuum. The mini-motorized tool is an Animal exclusive accessory designed to make cleaning even easier for pet owners.


Powerful Suction with Cordless ConvenienceDirect Drive Cleaning Head

The new Dyson digital V8 motor creates the most powerful suction while the 15 cyclones work in parallel to increase airflow enabling you to capture even fine dust and allergens. Switch to the max power mode with the touch of a finger and the V8 Animal provides 7 minutes of even higher suction for those really tough jobs.

The Lithium-ion battery, housed in a convenient docking station, provides up to 40 minutes of continuous fade-free suction. Since this cordless vacuum has a trigger grip that releases instantly, that battery power is only used for cleaning. Compact and weighing a mere 5.63 pounds, you can take the Animal’s suction power anywhere in your home, cord-free.


Hygienic HEPA Filtration

While the cyclonic action uses centrifugal force to spin dust and dirt out of the airflow, the post motor HEPA filter captures allergens and bacteria. The vacuum's sealed system prevents unfiltered air from escaping the machine so that even your air is cleaner—dust and allergen free.

When you finish your cleaning tasks, an easy lift of the handle and dust and dirt is forcibly ejected from the bin in a single action, with no need handle messy dust bags.


Versatility in a Snap

The V8 Animal comes with a motorized cleaner head featuring stiff nylon bristles and a powerful direct-drive motor which pushes the brush bar deep into carpeting to loosen and remove ground-in dirt. The bristles cover the full width of the head providing true edge-to-edge cleaning while carbon fiber filaments remove even fine dust from all types of hard flooring. Need to get to tight fitting space like under-stair closets or vehicles? The V8 Animal quickly converts to a hand-held for reaching difficult areas and for quick spot cleanups.


Additional Features:Mini-Motorized Tool

  • A special feature of the V8 Animal, the mini-motorized tool swiftly removes pet hair and dander, lint, and crumbs from upholstery and makes cleaning carpeted stairs a breeze.
  • It’s also equipped with a mini soft dusting brush for more delicate cleaning.
  • The crevice tool allows you to clean those hard-to-reach spots like underneath large appliances.
  •  A combination tool is super useful for quick spot cleaning.
  • The V8 Animal has a perfectly balanced design so it’s easy to clean up high or down low. A long reach and low profile allows you to sail smoothly underneath sofas, beds, and dining tables.



Dyson’s V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum is 5.6 pounds of super powerful, fade-free suction featuring a direct-drive cleaner head for deep edge-to-edge cleaning, plus a mini-motorized tool designed to make quick work of pet hair and dander.


What Customer’s Love:

  • Convenient Power:  The freedom of cordless vacuuming combined with 150% more brush head power makes for effortless cleaning.
  • Variety of Tools:  4 additional attachments plus the ability to convert to a hand-held vacuum means your whole house is covered.


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